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Spanish Word: han

English Translation: pres. indic. 3 pl. of [haber]

Translated sentences containing 'han'
Me han dicho que / He escuchado que
I heard that
Han demorado su aceptación.
They have delayed his acceptance.
Ellos han comido pescado.
They have eaten fish.
Nos han robado nuestro coche.
They have stolen our car.
¿ Han escogido ustedes el menú ?
Have you chosen the menu?
No han desaparecido.
They have not gone away.
Han obtenido:
The votes cast for each candidate are as follows:
Han obtenido:
The results are as follows:
Han obtenido:
The results are as follows:
Han obtenido:
The results are as follows:
Han obtenido:
The votes cast were as follows:
¿Han aumentado o han disminuido?
Have they increased or declined in number?
Han mentido, se lo han inventado.
They have lied; they have made things up.
Ustedes no han escuchado, no han entendido nada.
You have not listened to or understood a thing.
Han hecho los deberes; se han esforzado.
They have done the work; they have made efforts.
Han elaborado textos, han propuesto estrategias.
They have prepared texts, proposed strategies.
Decididamente, han tomado partido.
These people have clearly chosen their side.
¿No lo han conseguido todavía?
Have they still not managed to do so?
No han conseguido nada.
In fact, they have achieved nothing.
Han sido sometidos a votación.
They have already been voted upon.
Han sido particularmente eficaces.
They have been particularly successful.
No lo han hecho.
They have failed to do that.
No han tenido éxito.
That plan did not work.
No se han presentado enmiendas.
It contains no proposed amendments.
Esos problemas no han desaparecido.
These problems have not, of course, gone away.
Me han presentado tres solicitudes.
As I said, I have received three requests.
¿Han sido trasladados a Kandahar?
Have they been taken to Kandahar?
Se han equivocado.
That was a mistake on their part.
Han participado tres mujeres.
Three women have been involved.
No me han dirigido muchas preguntas.
I have not received many questions.
¿Nos han concedido esto?
Did they give us that?
No sabemos quiénes han sido.
We do not know by whom.
La han rehuido.
You have shied away from it!
Ustedes no han querido abordarlo.
You did not want to raise it.
No han pasado la prueba.
The test has not been passed.
Pero nos han engañado.
However, we have been deceived.
Ustedes han contribuido a ello.
You have helped to make this happen.
Se han comprometido a hacerlo.
They have undertaken to do so.
No se han celebrado elecciones.
There have been no elections.
¿Qué problemas han surgido?
What problems have become apparent?
Han aparecido nuevos líderes.
New people have appeared as leaders.
¿Se han resuelto ya?
Have they been solved yet?
Casi todos han muerto.
They are almost all dead.
Han intervenido 63 oradores.
There have been 63 speakers.
Los argumentos me han convencido.
I am convinced by the arguments.
¿No han estado haciendo nada?
So have they been doing nothing?
Han superado el examen.
You have passed the test.
No se han propuesto cambios.
No amendments have been received.
Algunos lo han mencionado.
This has also been mentioned by several people.
¿Han huido a Egipto?
Did they escape to Egypt?
Estos problemas no han desaparecido.
These challenges have not gone away.
Aún no han llegado.
They have not arrived yet.
¿Han excusado su presencia?
Have they apologised for not attending?
Han mostrado la voluntad.
They have shown the will.
Nos han escuchado.
They have listened to us.
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