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Spanish Word: generación

English Translation: generation

Translated sentences containing 'generación'
Esta generación consume más drogas que la anterior.
This generation consumes more drugs than the last one.
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  múltiple - multifarious, multiple
  ternilla - cartilage
  respeto - respect
  colonizador - colonizer, squatter
  director - director
  tonta - asininely, oafishly
  indocumentado - undocumented
  torniquete - tourniquet
  aborigen - aboriginal
  pagano - pagan, heathen
  mucho tiempo - long
  al contrario - on the contrary
  patrón - employer, patron, pattern
  bronca - row, ruction
  dentudo - toothy
  oftálmico - ophthalmic
  cole - schoolhouse
  salto mortal - somersault
  sueldo - salary, Spanish Dictionary , wage
  subcontratista - subcontractor

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