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Spanish Word: docto

English Translation: erudite, learned, scholarly, taught

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  comadrona - midwife
  mama - mother
  mancebía - brothel
  ilógico - illogical
  marcha - gear
  impráctico - impractical
  dependiente - clerk, dependent
  sospechoso - suspect, suspicious
  ohio - ohio
  monopolio - monopoly
  de latón - brassy, brazen
  casero - homemade, landlord
  descaladro - unpleasantness
  exclamacion - exclamation
  fanático - fanatic, fanatical
  desaliñado - dowdy, slovenly, unkempt, untidy
  salmón - salmon
  hazmerreír - scoff
  tardio - belated
  bisagra - hinge

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