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Spanish Word: curvo,curva

English Translation: curved

More Spanish -> English Translations
  cutis - skin
  cuyo,cuya - whose, of which
  chanza - joke; entender de--s, to be trifled with
  chasco - trick
  chato,chata - flat
  Chiapas - a province of Mexico
  chico,chica - small
  Chile - Chile
  China - China
  chiquillo - little boy
  chiquitína - little girl
  chispa - spark
  chocolate - chocolate
  chupona - leech
  dama - lady
  daño - damage, injury
  dar - (pres. [doy,= past abs. =di]),
  Darién - isthmus and gulf in Colombia
  David - David
  de - of, from, in, with, by; after a...

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