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Spanish Word: constitución

English Translation: constitution

Translated sentences containing 'constitución'
¿Ha notado cambio de la constitución de la materia fecal?
Have you noticed any changes in the composition of fecal matter?
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More Spanish -> English Translations
  construcción - construction, building
  construyó - past abs. of construir
  consuela - pres. of [consolar.]
  Consuelo - Consuelo (proper name)
  contento,contenta - content, satisfied, happy
  contento - pleasure, satisfaction
  contestación - answer
  continente - continent
  continuo,continua - continuous
  contorno - district
  contra - against
  convencido - p.p. of convencer
  conveniencia - convenience
  conversación - conversation
  conviene - pres. of convenir
  copia - copy
  copo - bunch of flax
  Corán - the Koran
  corazón - heart
  cordero - lamb

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