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Spanish Word: conviene

English Translation: pres. of convenir

Translated sentences containing 'conviene'
Conviene que te prepares para el examen final.
It is advisable that you get ready for your final exam.
A ninguno de nosotros le conviene que haya huelga.
A strike wouldn't do any of us any good.
No conviene confundir las causas.
We must make a distinction between these causes.
Sin embargo, conviene matizarla.
But a more nuanced definition is required.
En este momento no conviene.
At this point in time, there should be none.
¿Acaso no conviene políticamente?
Is it not so convenient politically speaking?
Eso conviene saberlo.
This may well be a good thing.
Esto conviene mencionarlo.
This is something we should make a point of mentioning.
¡Y eso no le conviene!
It does not suit you!
Conviene invertir esta tendencia.
It is in our interest to reverse this trend.
No conviene discutir así.
You should not argue in this way.
¿Qué conviene hacer?
What ought to be done?
No nos conviene el dogmatismo.
A dogmatic approach is not what is needed here.
No conviene confundir estas dos funciones.
The two should not be confused.
Pero conviene no confundir las cuestiones.
But it is important not to confuse separate issues.
También conviene que así sea.
That is also the way it should be.
Es algo que no conviene olvidar.
This should not be forgotten.
No conviene confundir velocidad con precipitación.
One must not treat speed and haste as being the same thing.
Pero conviene resaltar dos cuestiones.
Yet there are two points that must be made.
Sin embargo, conviene ser realista.
However, it would also be wise to be realistic.
Conviene mencionar aquí cuatro propuestas.
Four proposals should be mentioned here.
Si no, creo que conviene retirarla.
Otherwise, I think the amendment should be withdrawn.
Al sector mismo no le conviene.
I am sure that that would not do the sector any good whatsoever.
¡Conviene que lo tengamos presente!
We would do well to keep this in mind!
Pero conviene preparar esa labor del Consejo.
However, these Council proceedings must be carefully prepared.
Hay signos positivos que conviene citar.
There are positive features to be mentioned.
Pero pensamos que conviene hacer algunas modificaciones.
However, we think that a number of changes need to be made.
Ahora conviene que hagamos la misma cosa.
There is now every reason for us to join together in offering just such a compromise.
Ahora bien, conviene no valorar excesivamente EURES.
Having said this, we must not overestimate the value of EURES.
¿Conviene el Comisario con esta afirmación?
Would the Commissioner agree with this particular statement?
Por cierto, aquí conviene lanzar una advertencia.
However, I should like to add one more observation in this connection.
Algunos países piensan que conviene a las mujeres.
Some countries think it is good for women.
Por eso conviene que no tomemos decisiones ambiguas.
That is why it is important for us not to adopt provisions that are ambiguous.
Con todo, conviene hacer algunos comentarios previos.
It is nonetheless important to make some introductory observations.
Por eso conviene suprimir esta cláusula.
It is therefore appropriate to remove this clause.
Quiero plantear dos temas que conviene destacar.
Let me raise some issues that need highlighting.
Solo puedo advertir que conviene estar prevenidos.
I can only recommend vigilance.
Hay algunos asuntos que conviene destacar.
There are some issues which ought to be underlined.
Esto conviene que lo sepan ustedes.
That is something you should know.
Para empezar, conviene aclarar cómo las entendemos.
Let us start by understanding what we mean.
A nuestro juicio, conviene profundizar en este enfoque.
This approach should, in our view, be pursued further.
Hay otro punto que conviene considerar.
There is also something else to be considered.
Pero también tenemos fortalezas y conviene recordarlas.
We do, however, also have strengths, and we should remember them. Our strengths are clear: we represent almost a third of global GDP.
No invoquemos el Derecho cuando nos conviene.
Let us not invoke the law just when it suits us.
Conviene sostenerlas con todos los medios posibles.
They must be supported in every possible way.
¿Les conviene quizá una cooperación paneuropea?
Is it appropriate for pan-European cooperation?
No obstante, conviene que el análisis sea preciso.
The analysis must be accurate.
Conviene que reforcemos ese aspecto particular.
We need to reinforce that particular point.
Ante esta situación, conviene hacer algunas observaciones.
I have a number of comments in view of this.
Eso conviene precisarlo desde este momento.
That needs to be said straight away.
Por ello conviene ser muy cuidadoso.
It is therefore best to be very careful.
Conviene no confundir convergencia nominal con convergencia real.
We should not confuse nominal and real convergence.
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