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Spanish Word: complaciente

English Translation: accommodating, accommodatingly, pleasant

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  rondador - fly by night
  Éxito - success
  encendido - aglow, flaming, lighted
  ideología - ideology
  nieve fangosa - slush
  boga - vogue
  hendedura - crack, crevice
  corea - korea
  hidrocarburo - hydrocarbon
  leopardo - leopard
  mariscos - seafood, shellfish
  termino - appointed day, appointed time, term,...
  marroquín - moroccan
  habas - beans (broad)
  espumante - foamy
  día laborable - business day, weekday, workday
  prepotencia - hands over
  aislacionismo - isolationism
  desarmado - unarmed
  agüero - indication, omen, portent, presage

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