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Spanish Word: espumante

English Translation: foamy

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  día laborable - business day, weekday, workday
  prepotencia - hands over
  aislacionismo - isolationism
  desarmado - unarmed
  agüero - indication, omen, portent, presage
  practico - applicatory, convenient, handy,...
  cabrón - bastard
  reglamento - regulations, rules
  solubilidad - solubility
  congestión - congestion
  inocuo - innocuous
  salpicadura - spatter, splatter
  improviso - unawares, unexpectedly
  extracto bancario - bank statement
  maderaje - lumbering
  apoplejía - apoplexy
  bastón - baton, cane, walking stick
  sillín - seat
  teatral - theatric
  angustiado - broken-hearted

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