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Spanish Word: caspa

English Translation: dandruff

Translated sentences containing 'caspa'
¿Tiene usted caspa?
Do you have dandruff?
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  predisposición - predisposition
  defectuoso - defect, defective, erroneous, faulty,...
  deriva - leeway
  guisantes - green peas, peas
  musa - muse
  poste - pole, post, stanchion, stake
  cohete - rocket, skyrocket
  competición - competition
  artimaña - ruse
  delaware - delaware
  sabido - acquainted, aquaint
  chacha - maidservant
  zoom - zoom
  seta - fungus, mushroom
  frecuente - frequent
  aborto - abortion
  docto - erudite, learned, scholarly, taught
  comadrona - midwife
  mama - mother
  mancebía - brothel

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