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Spanish Word: Brasil (el)

English Translation: Brazil

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  brazo - arm
  bribón - rascal, scoundrel
  bridón - steed
  brillante - bright, brilliant
  brindis - toast
  broma - joke; [no es para ----s], it is no joke
  bronce - bronze
  bruto - brute; =---- de mí=, fool that I am
  buen - see [bueno]
  bueno,buena - good; [estar ----], to be well
  Buenos Aires - capital of the Argentine Republic
  bulla - noise
  buque - vessel, ship; =---- de guerra=, warship
  burla - jest, mockery
  burro - ass, donkey
  busca - search
  busque - pres. subj. of [buscar]
  butaca - orchestra chair
  cabalgata - ride
  caballero - gentleman; knight

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