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Spanish Word: aprendiz

English Translation: apprentice

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  aprensivo,aprensiva - apprehensive, timid
  aprisionado,aprisionada - imprisoned, confined, encased
  apuesta - pres. of [apostar]
  apuesta - bet, wager
  apuro - difficulty, embarrassment
  aquel, aquella, aquello - dem. adj., that
  aquél, aquélla - dem. pron., that one, the former
  aquí - here; [por ----], here
  ara - altar
  árbol - tree
  arcángel - archangel
  ardilla - squirrel
  arduo,ardua - arduous, rough
  arena - sand; arena
  Argentina - Argentina
  aristocrático,aristocrática - aristocratic
  aritmética - arithmetic
  arpa - harp
  arrepentido,arrepentida - sorry
  arriba (de) - above, up; upstairs; [más ----],...

Popular Phrase: how do you conjugate | Spanish subjunctive | Conjugated Verb: participar - to participate, take part in; to share in; to inform, notify [ click for full conjugation ]