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Spanish Word: afligido

English Translation: sad, aggrieved, sorrowful

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  glotón - greedy (for food), glutton,...
  difuso - diffuses, disseminates
  traductor - translator
  microteléfono - handset
  típico - typical
  serrin - sawdust
  cáliz - calyx, chalice
  mozalbete - greenhorn
  perca - bass
  mofeta - skunk
  potencialidad - potentiality
  mejora - betterment, improvement, upturn
  bombón - bon-bon, bonbon
  baronía - barony
  en autobús - by bus
  comandante - leader, chief
  cerviz - cervix, nape of the neck
  más tarde - later
  gram - gramme, gram
  escarmiento - chastisement, penalty, punishment

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