Forms of Vivir  

Spanish Grammar Present Indicative Verb Vivir - to live

The verb vivir (conjugation) means "to live". It is a regular verb. See the conjugation in the present tense in the table below.

yo vivo (I live)
vives (you live)
Ud./él/ella vive (you/he/she lives)
nosotros (as) vivimos (we live)
vosotros (as) vivís (you guys live)
Uds./ellos/ ellas viven (you all/they live)

Sentences using vivir in the present tense

Vivo en Londres.
I live in London.

¿Vives en un apartamento?
Do you live in an apartment?

Mi primo vive en Londres.
My cousin lives in London.

Nosotros ya no vivimos en este país.
We no longer live in this country.

No viven mal.
They don't live badly.

Mis parientes viven en Florida.
My relatives live in Florida.

Present tense sentences with vivo
Present tense sentences with vives
Present tense sentences with vive
Present tense sentences with vivimos
Present tense sentences with viven

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