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Spanish 101 Regular -er Verbs
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Comer Is a verb we use every day; it means to eat

     Comer is a regular -er verb.

yo como I eat
comes you eat
Ud./él/ella come you/he/she eats
nosotros/as comemos we eat
vosotros/as coméis you guys eat
Uds./ellos/ellas comen you all/they eat

Yo como papas con mantequilla.
     I eat potatoes with butter.
Tú comes la zanahoria.
     You eat the carrot.
La niña come.
     The girl eats.
El niño no come nada.
     The boy doesn't eat anything.
No, no comemos comidas muy picantes.
     No, we don't eat spicy foods.
     Vosotros coméis
      You all eat (used in Spain)
Los niños comen espinacas.
     The kids eat spinach.

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