Forms of Querer  

Spanish Grammar Present Indicative Verb Querer - to want

The verb querer (conjugation) means "to want" or "to love". The verb is irregular in the present tense. When conjugated, e changes to ie (with the exception of nostoros and vosotros).

yo quiero (I want)
quieres (you want)
Ud/él/ella quiere (you/he/she wants)
nosotros (as) queremos (we want)
vosotros (as) queréis (you guys want)
Uds/ellos/ellas quieren (you all/they want)

Sentences using querer in the present tense

Yo quiero comer.
I want to eat.

Quiero comer.
I want to eat.

Yo quiero comprar bienes raíces.
I want to buy real estate.

Yo quiero enviar ochocientos dólares.
I want to send eight hundred dollars.

Present tense sentences with quiero
Present tense sentences with quieres
Present tense sentences with quiere
Present tense sentences with queremos
Present tense sentences with quieren

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