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Spanish Grammar Present Indicative Irregular Verbs - (c) changes to (zc)

The verb conducir (to drive) is irregular, the "yo" form ends in (zco). It is regular in all other forms.

conducir (conjugation)

yo conduzco (I drive)
conduces (you drive)
Ud/él/ella conduce (you/he/she drives)
nosotros (as) conducimos (we drive)
vosotros (as) conducís (you guys drive)
Uds/ellos/ellas conducen (you all/they drive)

Let's look at some example sentences:

Yo conduzco, ella me guía. - I drive, she guides me.

Me pierdo cuando conduzco. - I get lost when I drive.

Tú conduces un automóvil muy lujoso.
You drive a luxury car.

Cuidado con los perros cuando conduces.
Be careful with the dogs when you drive.

Other verbs which follow the same pattern are: aparecer (to appear), traducir (to translate), and conocer (to know)

Some example sentences:

Te conozco. - I know you.

No conozco los Pirineos.
I don't know the Pyrenees.

¿Conoces al rubio que está sentado ahí?
Do you know the blond who is seated over there?

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