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If you are talking about what something is, use ser (definite, unchangeable, permanent).

Ser (to be)
yo soy I am
eres you are
Ud./él/ella es you/he/she is
nosotros/as somos we are
vosotros/as sois you guys are
Uds./ellos/ellas son you all/they are

Example Sentences
 Soy ingeniera.
      I am an engineer. (feminine)
 eres listo.
      You are smart. (masculine)
 Este río es muy ancho.
      This river is very wide.
 Nosotros no somos maestros.
      We are not teachers.
 Vosotros sois estudiantes.
      You all are students.
 Mis ojos son azules.
      My eyes are blue.

If you are talking about how something is, use estar (temporary, changeable).

Estar (to be)
yo estoy I am
estás you are
Ud./él/ella> está you/he/she is
nosotros/as estamos we are
vosotros/as estáis you guys are
Uds./ellos/ellas están you all/they are

Example Sentences
 Estoy feliz.
      I am happy.
 ¡Estás lívida!
      You are livid! (feminine)
 Esta cuchara está limpia.
      This spoon is clean.
 Estamos en el mercado.
      We are at the market.
 Estáis contentos.
      You all are happy. (masculine)
 Estas casas están lejos.
      These houses are far.

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