Possessive Adjectives for Kids  

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My Stuff and Your Stuff
To talk about things you own, or things other people own,
you need to use the Possessive Adjectives shown below.
(my) mi - mis
(your) tu - tus
(his/her) su - sus
(our) nuestro - nuestra - nuestros - nuestras
(your pl.) vuestro - vuestra - vuestros - vuestras

Possessive Adjectives accompany a noun.

mi ordenador
      my computer
nuestro carro
      our car
tu perro
      your dog
su pelota
      his/her ball

Possessive Adjectives
They must agree in number with the noun.

     mi madre
      my mom
     mis zapatos
      my shoes
tus gatos
      your cats
sus libros
      their books

The nosotros form must agree in gender.

     nuestro carro
      our car
     nuestra casa
      our house

The vosotros form (used in Spain) also agrees in gender.

     vuestro carro
      your all's car
     vuestras familias
      your all's families

Can you spot these possessive adjectives
in the sentences below?

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