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The Spanish preterite progressive is NOT used as often as the imperfect progressive when referring to past actions.

Él estuvo corriendo aquí ayer.
He was running here yesterday.

¿Estuviste viviendo en Venezuela mucho tiempo?
Were you living in Venezuela for a long time?

Sí, estuve viviendo allá mucho tiempo.
Yes, I was living there a long time.

¿Estuviste paseando por la playa?
Were you walking on the beach?

Ellas estuvieron corriendo hasta las cinco de la tarde.
They were running until five o’clock in the afternoon.

Estuvimos celebrando una despedida de soltera.
We were celebrating at a bachelorette party.

The preterite progressive is often used to emphasize the continuing nature of a past action - usually interrupted by another past action.

Estuviste estudiando con ellos.
You were studying with them. (when something happened)

Estuve estudiando hasta que llamaste.
I was studying until you called. (your call interrupted my studying)

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