Conjugation and use of the verb "oir"  

Spanish Grammar Present Indicative Verb Oir - to hear

The verb oir (conjugation) means "to hear". It is completely irregular in the present tense.

yo oigo (I hear)
oyes (you hear)
Ud./él/ella oye (you/he/she hears)
nosotros (as) oímos (we hear)
vosotros (as) oís (you guys hear)
Uds./ellos/ ellas oyen (you all/they hear)

Yo oigo la radio.
      I listened to the radio.
oyes un piano.
      You hear a piano.
¿Oye usted bien?
      Do you hear well?
Nosotros oímos al gato.
      We heard the cat.
Ellos y ellas oyen un tambor.
      They hear a drum.

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