Irregular Spanish Verbs - (cer) and (cir) changes to (zco)  

Present Indicative Irregular Verbs - (c) changes to (zc)

The verbs conducir (to drive ) and traducir (to translate) are irregular, the "yo" form ends in (zco). They are regular in all other forms.

The congugation of the verbs conducir and traducir are shown in the table below.

conducir (example sentences) (full conjugation)

yo conduzco (I drive)
conduces (you drive)
Ud./él/ella conduce (you/he/she drives)
nosotros (as) conducimos (we drive)
vosotros (as) conducís (you guys drive)
Uds./ellos/ ellas conducen (you all/they drive)
traducir (example sentences) (full conjugation)

yo traduzco (I translate)
traduces (you translate)
Ud./él/ella traduce (you/he/she translates)
nosotros (as) traducimos (we translate)
vosotros (as) traducís (you guys translate)
Uds./ellos/ ellas traducen (you all/they translate)
producir (example sentences)(full conjugation)
yo produzco (I produce)
produces (you produce)
Ud./él/ella produce (you/he/she produces)
nosotros (as) producimos (we produce)
vosotros (as) producís (you guys produce)
Uds./ellos/ ellas producen (they produce)
The verbs in the list below are all conjugated like the verbs conducir, traducir, and producir.
They are irregular - the "yo" form ends in (zco). They are regular in all other forms.

agradecer - to thank

aparecer - to appear

conocer - to know, to be aquainted with (a person)

desaparecer - to disappear

desconocer - to be ignorant of

establecer - to establish

merecer - to deserve

obedecer - to obey

ofrecer - to offer

permanecer - to remain

pertenecer - to belong

introducir - to introduce

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