Division of Words into Syllables  

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After the first syllable each succeeding one commences with a
, as a-for-tu-na-da-men-te (fortunately), except when a
prefix occurs before a primitive word, as organizar (to organize).

des-or-ga-ni-zar to disorganise

When two consonants occur together one letter belongs to one syllable
and the other to the next, as:

ac-ci-den-te (accident)
pe-ren-ne perennial
tem-po-ral-men-te temporarily
in-me-dia-to immediate

Exception: bl, br, pl, pr, cl, cr, dr, fl, fr, gl, gr and tr are not divided. For example:

a-blan-dar to soften
li-bro book
a-pla-zar to postpone
a-pre-ciar to appreciate
de-cla-mar to declaim
de-cre-tarto decree
a-me-dren-tar to frighten
con-fla-gra-ción conflagration
re-fren-dar to countersign
a-glo-me-rar to agglomerate
a-gran-dar to enlarge
en-con-trar to meet
If any of these combinations occur together with a third consonant, this
of course will belong to the previous syllable, as:

em-bro-llar to entangle

If four consonants come together, two belong to the first syllable and
two to the next, as obs-tru-ir (to obstruct).

"ll" and "rr," being treated as single letters, must not be divided,

ba-lle-na whale
ca-lle a street
a-lla-nar to level
tie-rra earth

***A few minor exceptions you will learn by practice.

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