Verb ver - to see  

Spanish 101 Ver - to see
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The verb ver means to see. It could also mean "to watch", "to understand".
Ver is an irregular verb.

yo veo I see
ves you see
Ud./él/ella ve you/he/she sees
nosotros/as vemos we see
vosotros/as veis you guys see
Uds./ellos/ellas ven you all/they see

Yo veo un tigre.
     I see a tiger.
Tú ves los árboles.
     You see the trees.
Él ve al cocinero.
     He sees the cook.
Ella ve la lluvia.
     She sees the rain.
    Usted ve la lluvia.
     You see the rain.

Nosotros vemos los libros.
     We see the books.
Vosotros veis
     You all see (Spain)
Ellos ven los cuadros.
     They see the paintings. (males)
Ellas ven las esculturas.
     They see the sculptures. (females)
    Ustedes ven una película.
     You all see a movie. (formal)

Note: We need to place an "a" after the verb when we refer to people:
Yo veo a María. - I see María.

Él ve al cocinero. - He sees the cook.

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