Verbs venir and salir  

Spanish 101 Verbs venir and salir
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Go verbs are irregular.
The yo form ends in -go.

Venir means to come.
It is a -go verb.
e changes to ie in all forms except yo, nosotros, and vosotros

yo vengo I come
vienes you come
Ud./él/ella viene you/he/she comes
nosotros/as venimos we come
vosotros/as venís you all come
Uds./ellos/ellas vienen you all/they come

Salir means to leave or to go out.
It is a -go verb.

yo salgo I leave/go out
sales you leave/go out
Ud./él/ella sale you,he,she leave/go out
nosotros/as salimos we leave/go out
vosotros/as salís you all leave/go out
Uds./ellos/ellas salen you all/they leave/go out

Vengo de la montaña.
      I come from the mountain.
Yo salgo temprano.
      I leave early.
¿De dónde vienes?
      From where do you come?
      (Where are you from?)
Él viene del cine.
      He comes from the cinema.
Nosotros salimos con el niño.
      We go out with the boy.
Ellos salen al teatro.
      They go out to the theatre.

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