Use of an infinitive with the verb pensar  

Spanish 101 Pensar plus Infinitive
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The verb pensar means to think.
It is irregular.
e changes to ie in all forms except nosotros and vosotros

yo pienso I think
piensas you think
Ud./él/ella piensa you/he/she thinks
nosotros/as pensamos we think
vosotros/as pensáis you all think
Uds./ellos/ellas piensan you all/they think

When followed by an infinitive, pensar is used to indicate plans or intentions.

Pienso viajar a Venezuela.
      I think (plan) to travel to Venezuela.
¿Piensas viajar?
      Are you thinking (planning) to travel?
Él piensa visitar los templos.
      He thinks (is planning) to visit the temples.
Pensamos salir dentro de quince días.
      We think (are planning) to leave in 15 days.
Ellos piensan conocer un lugar turístico.
      They are thinking to know (visit) a tourist

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