Verb perder - to lose  

Spanish 101 Perder
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Perder means to lose.
Perder is an irregular verb.
e changes to ie in all forms except nosotros and vosotros

yo pierdo I lose
pierdes you lose
Ud./él/ella pierde you/he/she loses
nosotros/as perdemos we lose
vosotros/as perdéis you all lose
Uds./ellos/ellas pierden you all/they lose

Yo no pierdo mi dinero.
      I don't lose my money.

Sí señor, frecuentemente pierdo la respiración.
      Yes sir, I often lose my breath.

No pierdes nada con preguntar.
      You lose nothing with (by) asking.

Puede perderlo.
      He can lose it.

No perdemos.
      We don't lose.

Ellos pierden.
      They lose.

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