Impersonal expressions with "se"  

Spanish 101 Impersonal Expressions
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Impersonal expressions use the impersonal se. It is used instead of the subjects one, you, they, people, or as passive voice.

¿Cómo se dice ... en español?
      How does one say ... in Spanish?

¿Se permiten mascotas en la habitación?
      Do they allow pets in the room?

Se oye música durante todo el paseíllo.
      Music is heard during the whole parade.

Se tiene que saber conducir.
      One has to know how to drive.

     ¿Se habla español en Brasil?
      Is Spanish spoken in Brazil?

¿Se puede pescar aquí?
      Can you fish here?

     Se dice que va a nevar.
      They say it's going to snow.

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