Visiting Evita's grave at Recoleta  

Title: Visiting Evita's grave at Recoleta
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

We are now in Buenos Aires (Good Air - hmmm my throat wouldn´t agree). It´s 11 am and we just got home for the nightclub last night at 5am, so it was quite an early night! Not a lot happened between Iguazu and Buenos Aires. We stopped off at two places Posadas and Santa Fe (from the song), but both were quite grotty with not too much to see. When we got to Buenos Aires we checked into a small hostel in the Tango centre of the town, San Telmo and used the first day here to try and get our bearing of the city, It´s pretty big... The food is really good here, well as long as you like meat. I don´t know how but all Argentineans seems to live off Bife de Chirizo (Rump steak) and chips. We visited the main sights, Evita´s grave at the cemetary at Recoleta, La Boca, hoem to the brightly painted corrygated iron houses. La Boca is really touristy. We were with another English lad, Suda (yeah strange name for someone from England) and all got roped into dancing the Tango with a girl from one of the bars in the main steet, Caminto, followed by her holding us for pose to take a picture. Of course she then came round with a hat for a contribution.... Other than partying, we have also been studying Spanish! Surprising, I know. But language is important to get around here, and the immersion classes have been great.

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