Our Spanish keeps improving, yeah!  

Title: Our Spanish keeps improving, yeah!
Location: Cochabamba, Bolivia

Our apartment ajoins a house belonging to a doctor and his wife. They are currently in United States so we haven't met them yet. They have a housemaid who we communicate with in smiles and our constantly improving Spanish. They also have a son who is 40ish and runs the musical instrument store in the centre of town. He's a funny guy with crap DIY skills and has been the source of a few good nights out. Last Saturday we went to see a Bongo band that was brilliant, African, South American and Middle Eastern rhythms. We have been improving our Spanish by going out to see bands and eating out. People are very friendly here in Cochabamba, Bolivia, and Spanish immersion classes are very helpful. You go through big gates to get to our front door which is surrounded with honeysuckle. This opens into a living area with two chairs and a sofa of the most uncomfortable old person style imaginable - unfortunately I hate this room and it makes staying in the apartment in the evenings very uncomfortable. It's just old fashioned and dim and not homely at all. We have a huge bedroom with comfortable bed and ensuite bathroom. This is top of the range 1970's complete with bidet and avocado suite - nothing to complain about. There are loads of lovely tropical flowers outside the window. In the kitchen we have a new cooker, toaster etc but the trouble is that it is much cheaper to eat out than to buy food in so we just use it for coffee, tea and cereals. The fridge is huge! The second bedroom is currently laid out as a dining room and we have a guest bathroom too. The outside washing areas is just that, a court yard with two huge sinks and a washing line.

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