The steps tell the history of the sixteen kings  

Title: The steps tell the history of the sixteen kings
Location: Copan Ruinas, Honduras

Today Brad and I roamed the Ruinas de Copan. This site had the very best stellae carving of all the sites so far. It is a pretty small complex in comparison to Tikal. We saw the steps carved with the history of the sixteen kings. They were really cool because there are literally thousands of steps, each carved with a different symbol representing the king of that time, the calendar, and significant events of each period. Most of the kings reigned around the late BC's and the early AD's until around 700 AD. This city has a pyramid that was built on top of a much smaller temple inside, which was a dedication to King Moon Jaguar. The museum was my favorite because it contained most of the delicate carvings that are being preserved now from deterioration. The museum also had a replica of Moon Jaguars temple, which is painted in brilliant colors of red, green, and yellow. Yesterday I got food poisoning from the chicken fajitas I ate the night before. I had severe stomach pain for about eight hours, vomited one time and have had liquid diarrhea for two days. The week before we arrived in Copan we were in San Pedro on the the lago de Atitlan. I caught a fever and had a runny nose for at least four days, but the lake was really beautiful and our neighbors were a lot of fun to hang out with. The women in Copan are the prettiest we have seen so far. I took some Spanish lessons at San Pedro, and now they are really paying off. I can understand the locals so much better, and it has definitely made my traveling easier and more enjoyable. I have been buying little gifts from each town I visit but not anything close to what I would buy if, one: money allowed for it and two: I didn't have to carry it in my backpack. There are so many awesome paintings from local artists and stone carving replicas from the ruins. The pottery is amazing and many of the blankets are hand woven. I definitely brought too many clothes with me. If I could do it again I would have brought two shirts instead of seven and more socks, but I have recently been washing my socks in the sink and letting them dry over night which is working well and solving the problem. The money in Hondures is called the Limpera and the denominations come in $1,2,5,10,20,50,100, and 500 maybe even a thousand although I haven't come across one. So far I have been able to stay under my budget. I have been spending about $25 each day. Generally I buy breakfast, lunch and dinner, Hotel room, bus transportation and water or Gatorade. Today I saw an SUV truck parked on the side of the street and it has a large UF Gator sticker logo on the back window. The Gator Nation is everywhere!

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