Learning Spanish and Making Friends  

Title: Learning Spanish and Making Friends
Location: Cordoba, Argentina

Well it is now the weekday. I am feeling better about the Spanish classes at least and about the members of the classes. I have been having lunch with two older women in the classes the last two days. One is from England and the other one is from Scotland. They will be leaving however in about one to two weeks. The class will be different in the next two weeks because the holidays will be over for the Brazilians as well. I have made some plans to go horseback riding with the Women from Scotland over the weekend. And on Thursday I will be going to the country in the afternoon. One of the places we stop is Che Cherrva house. He won't be there of course, but it will be interesting to see the place since I did read the Motorcycle diaries. As for the language classes I am beginning to think this is more difficult to pick up as we are older. I will of course not give up, however. The Spanish language has so many concepts that seem foreign to me. Like the verb tenses, who does what to whom, if they are male or female if they have a soul, if they do these things at the same time, or they are not connected. What kind of location it is permanent or semi permanent. Oh I so wished I paid attention more in school. Well I am off to do some studying and pickup laundry, it is really hot today. Tonight I am going to finally go out to the house where the young Brazilians are staying. There is a birthday party for one of them and she really is a very nice girl. You can tell she wants many people to celebrate it with her. So it is time to see a different side of the school, and Cordoba, Argentina. I have been spending evenings With Maria, and that has been very nice and a rewarding experience.

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