Robbed while Jesus was bearing the cross  

Title: Robbed while Jesus was bearing the cross
Location: Antigua, Guatemala

Yes people, I was robbed! Assholes! Right in front of the San Francisco cathedral where the Semana Santa procession was taking off...right in front of Jesus bearing the cross. And they say they love Jesus, yet they pickpocket a poor innocent traveler. Hypocrites! Did I mention how pissed off I am? Luckily I divided my credit cards and left all my precious possession in a safety deposit box, so all they took was my beloved elephant wallet I got in Thailand 10 years ago (cry), my Visa debit card and 800 Quetzales (60 quid) I had just taken out to last me the week. ASSHOLES!! I went straight to the phone and cancelled my card then filled out a police report. On the way I slipped on a slippery (like ice) cobble stone, did a back flip and landed straight on my ass and hurt my hand. A kind police man helped me up. Again, shall I mention how pissed off I am? Is it because it's the 13th today? I should have known this day would suck when I woke up to 2 HUMUNGOUS cockroaches the size of elephants (I swear!) hanging out in my shower. After a couple of screams and dizzying flashbacks to my year of living with cockroaches in Montreal, I managed to kill one but watched the other scurry under my bed. I was planning on writing a lovely account of this breathtakingly beautiful town but sod that: it sucks. OK, it doesn't really. The Easter processions are amazing, the town is surrounded by 3 gorgeous volcanoes, it has a huge history and seems to be a melting pot of Central American culture, the buildings and cobbled-stoned streets are beautiful, and the bars are even funkier than in London! The Mayan women walk around in traditional costume. I'm trying to be discreet with my photographs as I don´t want to point my camera in their faces, which can be dangerous in Guatemala as many believe the camera is capturing their souls I left Copan in Honduras yesterday afternoon and took a shuttle (ie rickety old van CRAMMED with people) for the 6 hour journey to Antigua. At the Guatemalan border I got chatting to a cool American girl who is traveling Central America on her own for the second time this year and has been to Antigua before. So when we got here we immediately headed for a funky restaurant she knew called Rainbow where we treated ourselves to a good meal and good red wine. Well deserved after the long journey where there were many roadside accidents causing crazy traffic jams for most of the way. Compared to calm Costa Rica, Guatemalans are CRAZY drivers (much like my experience of India). There are countless crosses with flowers along the highways due to the high number of fatalities. Why don´t people learn? I almost jumped on my driver a number of times as he was tailgating like you wouldn´t believe and beeping everything in sight to make way for us. As for the near future, I will start my Spanish Immersion classes soon! Hopefully I will get better, and become fluent!

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