The Stunning Natural Beauty of Bariloche  

Title: The Stunning Natural Beauty of Bariloche
Location: Bariloche, Argentina

This place was absolutely gorgeous! We arrived in the evening on Thursday just when the sun was setting over the mountains and across the lake, breathtaking. We ended up meeting two girls who were taking a break from volunteering in Santiago when we were in Castro, so we stayed at the same hostel and went out for Mexican food our first night. Bariloche is technically in Patigonia, it was cold but not as cold as the rest of Patigonia I imagine. There were no glaciers here, but there was a ton of pine trees. The city is built directly beside a lake, which is surrounded by mountains; most of the buildings are made of stone or logs. We felt as if we had stepped back into Canada and gone to Banff, or Northern Ontario. Our second day we decided to take the 5.5 km hike up to the Telefornio, that took us up to the top of a mountain for spectacular views of the countryside. We got to the top and decided to have a coffee, entering the restaurant we wanted to pick the seat with the best view. After looking around for a bit we found one, sat down and then realized we were moving! It was a revolving I guess we did get the best view after all. Bariloche's natural beauty was stunning; it was a perfect place to enjoy our last few days in western Argentina. We also got a chance to catch up on our Spanish. After all the classes we took, we couldn't waste any time and decided to put our new skills to a test. It was a great experience. I recommend everyone to take Spanish immersion classes, that is if you like to travel of course.

Popular Phrase: salir chart | Rosetta Stone Spanish | Conjugated Verb: hincar - to sink [ click for full conjugation ]