Living la vida Mexicana  

Title: Living la vida Mexicana
Location: Guadalajara, Mexico

Saludos desde Mexico! When I decided to come to Mexico to improve my Spanish, I thought that maybe I should be investing my time in something else. However, I know now that this was the right decision. I also decided that I would write everyday to keep you guys posted and here it is. I have arrived safely and my am starting to feel at home. My host family is wonderful. My host mom, Consuelo is very sweet. She has a daughter that lives somewhere else in Mexico, so I have never met her. Living at this house are also Leslie from California and Helen from Australia. It is fun having them here. We pretty much have the upstairs to ourselves -- with our own phone, own little sitting area, and own balcony that connects our rooms. Every morning, We walk together to our Spanish language school and have done some exploring of the city together. This neighborhood is pretty nice. There is a nice park two blocks away where many people go to exercise, meet up with friends, or teach their kids how to ride a bike (so cute to watch!). Around the park are some pastelerias (bakeries, or literally, cake shops) and restaurants, and there is a little store a block away that sells everything from laundry soap to fruit and even some carry-out deli foods. My favorite place that I have discovered here is a taco stand. Most people here eat their large meal in the early afternoon, then have a light meal, “la cena”, around 8-10 p.m. I was walking home from the store in the early evening when this taco stand was starting to cook up tacos for la cena, and the smell was amazing! The tacos are very small -- the tortillas are the size of my palm -- so I could try them without eating a whole meal. This place also serves juice from a variety of fruits -- mandarin oranges, lemons, grapefruits, oranges - which is squeezed while you wait. I've had a lot of tasty food here, but that little place is still my favorite!

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