Cakes being sold by nuns!!!  

Title: Cakes being sold by nuns!!!
Location: Quito, Ecuador

Quito, Today we felt like stretching our legs, so we decided to go down to Plaza Independencia and explored the beautiful churches around the plaza. We took the trolley and it felt a little unsafe, but what does have to take risk sometime. : ) It was an enjoyable stroll around the Plaza. Quito has a total of 86 churches. Obvoiusly, we could not tour all of them, but we tour the church La Campania. This churcht was abandoned from 1768 to 1862 due to the expulsion of the Jesuits from the Spanish colonies. We were all in awe when we learned that it took unless 7 tons of gold to create the interior facade. After that tour, we sat in the Plaza for a while. We watched people go by. One thing that Jenny really loved was the cakes being sold by the nuns. I have to admit, they were very delicious. That was fun. Then we saw a little boy play soccer with a plastic ball and we saw an elderly couple walked by arm in arm. One very interesting thing that we noticed was the hats that the local indigenous women and sometimes the men wear a cute hat that looks to small for their heads. After we have rested for a little while we headed toward the Basilica from the Plaza and a woman on her 50s came up to Jenny and said that we shouldn’t walk in that direction. She said it was dangerous. We took her advice and started walking back to the Plaza. As we were heading back we heard someone yelling and then a man came running by at full speed and disappeared into the crowd on the next street. We were very thankful to that nice lady that told us to go back. Robbery can happen just that fast. After all that excitement, we decided to go and get lunch. We found a local restaurant where at the beginning it was hard to understand, even for Jenny who has been so religious about learning Spanish in this whole trip. Jenny finally figured out what the waiter was saying and we decided to have the lunch special for $1.75. A bargain! We finished lunch with a nice cold coke and decided to head back to the hotel for more resting. We flagged down a taxi and were back in our hotel in no time.

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