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quebrarse una pierna
to break one's leg
Quebrarse / Fracturarse el brazo
to break one's arm
Es en Amsterdam cuando este papel ha comenzado a quebrarse.
It is only that since Amsterdam Germany has no longer played the right role.
Para nosotros, la Comisión no es un órgano tan frágil que corra el riesgo de quebrarse por una crisis política.
We believe that the Commission is not so fragile that it is in danger of being shattered by a political crisis.
Si se sigue sometiendo el principio del Estado de derecho a una presión de este tipo, puede que toda la tradición jurídica que tanto nos ha costado crear acabe por quebrarse.
The pressure being put on the principle of the rule of law this way may gradually crush the whole legal tradition we have had so much difficulty achieving.

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