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Tú estabas cerrando la tienda a Marco. Tú estabas cerrándole la tienda.
You were closing the shop for Marco. You were closing his shop.
¿Qué tipo de marco le gusta?
What type of frame do you like?
Yo voy a examinar el marco de sus lentes.
I will examine the frame of your eyeglasses.
A Marco le gustan los juegos de video.
Mark likes video games.
He mencionado el marco global.
I mentioned the global framework.
El marco jurídico-estatal no funciona.
The framework for the rule of law is not functioning.
Es un marco imperfecto.
This is a flawed framework.
Habrá una directiva marco.
There is to be a framework directive.
Necesita también un marco.
You also need a framework.
5º Programa marco I+D
Fifth R & D framework programme
Yo tengo un marco financiero y no puedo traspasar dicho marco.
I have my own financial framework, which I cannot deviate from.
Juega con el marco existente.
It toys with the existing framework.
El Acuerdo Marco es malo.
The framework agreement is a mess.
En este marco es importante:
Having said which, we need:
Nosotros preferimos una Directiva marco.
We prefer a framework directive.
La decisión marco no ha avanzado.
The framework decision has not been forthcoming.
¿Qué contempla esta decisión marco?
What does this framework decision provide?
Directiva marco sobre los residuos (
Revision of the framework directive on waste (
Marco comunitario sobre seguridad nuclear (
Community framework for nuclear safety (
Programa Marco Polo II (debate)
Second 'Marco Polo' programme (debate)
Este marco se está restringiendo.
This framework is becoming restrictive.
Necesitamos un cambio de marco.
We need a change of framework.
Marco financiero plurianual para 2007-2013 (
Multiannual financial framework for 2007-2013 (
Eso nos ofrece nuestro marco.
That gives us our framework.
El marco político ha cambiado.
The political framework has changed.
El acuerdo marco aparece desequilibrado.
The framework agreement appears unbalanced.
Pero, como marco, es bueno.
Of course, it would be better if the United States and China were to sign it, but as a framework it is good.
Ése es el marco general.
That is the general context.
El marco jurídico, señor Presidente, ya existe.
So the legal framework, Mr President, is already in place.
Hay que restablecer un marco jurídico coherente.
A coherent legal framework must be re-established.
Este nuevo marco realmente crea posibilidades.
A new framework such as this really creates opportunities.
Esto con respecto al marco general.
That covers the general framework.
Esto también forma parte del marco jurídico.
That also forms part of the legal framework.
Acuerdo marco "Relaciones Parlamento/Comisión" (C5-0349/2000)
Framework agreement on relations between the European Parliament and the Commission (C5-0349/2000)
Se refería al quinto programa-marco.
His question concerned the fifth framework-programme.
Y éste es el marco jurídico global.
This is the broad legal framework.
Esto requiere un marco único de condiciones.
This will require uniform framework conditions.
¿Acaso nos falta el marco legislativo?
Perhaps there is no institutional framework?
Estamos obligados a atenernos a este marco jurídico.
We are all obliged to follow this legal framework.
Tenemos el proyecto de directiva-marco.
There is this draft framework directive.
Y el marco actual no podía ser peor.
The current situation could not be worse.
Este era el marco de mi intervención.
This was the background to what I said.
¿Podemos seguir en el mismo marco?
Can we continue within the same framework?
Queremos crear unas claras condiciones marco jurídicas.
We want to create a clear legal framework.
El marco jurídico ya se ha establecido.
The legal framework is in place.
Acojo favorablemente el marco sensible al riesgo.
I welcome a risk-sensitive framework.
El marco jurídico actual no permite tal cosa.
The legal basis now in force makes this impossible.
Siempre encontraremos una laguna en ese marco.
We shall still find that there is something missing from the framework.
Desgraciadamente, la decisión marco no va tan lejos.
Unfortunately, the proposed framework decision does not go far enough in this direction.
¿Es viable crear este marco de acuerdos?
Is it feasible to create such a framework of agreements?
Entonces volveremos a hablar del marco financiero.
We will then get back to talking about the financial framework.
Facilitará la aplicación del acuerdo marco.
It will facilitate the application of the framework agreement.
Disponemos de fondos del sexto programa marco.
We have funds from the sixth framework programme.
Creo que era realmente un marco incomparable.
I do not think we could have imagined a more beautiful spot and a more beautiful image.

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