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Sí, él hablará muy claramente. Lo podremos entender cuando hable él.
Yes, he will speak very clearly. We will understand him when he speaks.
¿Ha tenido problemas para pronunciar las palabras claramente?
Have you had difficulty in articulating words.
¿Habla el profesor claramente cuando él está enseñando la clase?
Does the teacher speak clearly when he is teaching the class?
¿Habló el profesor claramente cuando él enseñó la clase?
Did the teacher speak clearly when he taught the class
¿Hablará el profesor claramente cuando él enseñe la clase?
Will the teacher speak clearly when he teaches the class?
No es una hembra, es claramente un macho.
It's not female, it's clearly male.
Hay que comunicar estas ideas claramente.
One must communicate these ideas clearly.
Sí, él habla muy claramente. Lo podemos entender cuando habla.
Yes, he speaks very clearly. We can understand him when he speaks.
Respóndame claramente.
Give me a straight answer.
Claramente insuficiente.
This is clearly not enough.
Es preciso decirlo claramente.
It is important to make this clear.
Más claramente: están mintiendo.
To put it bluntly, they are full of lies.
Eso debo decirlo claramente.
I am sorry, but it has to be said.
La respuesta es claramente «¡No!».
The answer is clearly 'No'.
He expuesto claramente dichos objetivos.
I have clearly set out those goals.
Esto es claramente positivo.
This is clearly a good thing.
Intentaré resumirlo claramente.
I am going to try to summarise this clearly.
Recuerdo ese discurso claramente.
I remember that speech very clearly.
Eso claramente no será posible.
That will clearly not be possible.
Tengo que decírselo claramente.
I say that again, unambiguously.
Debemos adoptar claramente postura.
We have to adopt a clear position here.
Tenemos que verlo claramente.
We need to look at it with a clear head.
Tenemos que decirlo claramente.
We must state this quite clearly in full knowledge of the facts.
Propuesta claramente inverosímil.
That obviously would be a far-fetched claim.
Esto quiero afirmarlo claramente.
That is something I would like to make very clear.
Algo de tintes claramente orwellianos.
It is, of course, thoroughly Orwellian.
Quiero advertir contra ello claramente.
I would like to warn against this most emphatically.
Vamos a explicar claramente nuestra posición.
Let us be clear on our position.
Lo que claramente no han cumplido.
This they have clearly failed to do.
Esto expresa claramente nuestra posición.
That clearly manifests our position.
La situación es claramente decepcionante.
The situation is clearly disappointing.
Claramente estas discrepancias son inaceptables.
Clearly, these discrepancies are unacceptable.
Eso es claramente un desaire.
This is clearly a slight.
Todos vemos ese desafío claramente.
The challenge is clear for all to see.
Demarca claramente las diversas competencias.
It clearly demarcates the various powers.
El informe lo respalda claramente.
The report clearly endorses this.
Le ruego que me responda claramente.
Kindly give me a clearer answer to my question.
Eso se ha dicho claramente.
This has been clearly mentioned.
Claramente hay algo que no funciona...
Clearly there is something wrong here...
Debemos explicárselo claramente a los contribuyentes.
This is what we also have to clearly tell our taxpayers.
Estos aspectos están claramente interrelacionados.
These aspects are clearly interrelated.
Claramente, es un gran país.
Clearly, it is a great country.
¿Por qué no lo dice claramente?
Why do you not use plain language?
Ambos términos no están claramente definidos.
Both of these categories are very loosely defined.
Debemos decir claramente "sí" o "no".
We must give a clear 'yes' or 'no'.
Los poderes están claramente definidos.
Powers are more clearly defined.
Debemos asumir esta situación claramente.
We have to acknowledge this fact clearly.
El informe resulta claramente contradictorio.
The report is clearly contradictory.
El informe lo dice claramente.
The report says that very clearly.
Nuestra resolución lo expresa claramente.
Our resolution clearly shows that.
Decía muy claramente "Bristish Beef».
It quite clearly said 'British beef' .
Estriba claramente en la semántica.
It is all a question of semantics.
Nos distanciamos de esto claramente.
We dissociate ourselves very distinctly from this.
Sería claramente preferible actuar preventivamente.
It would be infinitely better to take preventative action.
¿Este debate se planteó claramente?
Has this debate been clearly stated?
Se deduce claramente del texto.
That actually emerges clearly from the text.
La respuesta es claramente afirmativa.
The answer is a definite yes.
Yo sería claramente partidario de la subsidiariedad.
I would be clearly in favour of subsidiarity.

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