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English Word: soon

Spanish Word: pronto, en seguida
The Spanish Word for soon
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Translated sentences containing 'soon'
See you soon!
¡Hasta pronto!
If possible, get out of the house as soon as possible
Si es posible salgan de la vivienda lo antes posible.
He works harder than you and, most important, he is not as arrogant as soon.
Es más trabajador que tú y, sobre todo, no es tan arrogante.
It's necessary that Juan returns soon.
Es preciso que Juan vuelva pronto.
I'm sorry. I hope you get better soon.
Lo siento mucho. Espero que te mejores pronto.
It will be necessary for you to return soon.
Será menester que vuelvas pronto.
It will be necessary for you to return soon.
Será necesario que vuelvas pronto.
Mary will finish her homework soon.
Maria terminará su tarea pronto.
Will you finish your homework soon?
Terminarás pronto tu tarea?
Come as soon as possible.
Ven cuanto antes.
Come as soon as you receive the letter.
Ven en cuanto recibas la carta.
As soon as you know if you can come, tell me.
En cuanto sepas si puedes venir, dímelo.
A hug and see you soon.
Un abrazo y hasta pronto.
I hope that your headache goes away soon.
Espero que pronto se te pase el dolor de cabeza.
Provided that there are tickets, I will be at the airport tomorrow.
Con tal de que haya billetes, estaré mañana en el aeropuerto.
Provided that I have time, I will pass by to visit you.
Con tal de que tenga tiempo, pasaré a visitarte.
As soon as she sees them, it brings tears to her eyes.
En cuanto los ve, se le saltan las lágrimas.
As soon as you pack the suitcases, we are leaving.
En cuanto prepares las maletas, nos vamos.
As soon as you come by, call me.
En cuanto pases, llámame.
Do it to me as soon as possible.
Házmelo lo más pronto posible.

Is it not all a bit too soon?
Me parece que es demasiado pronto.
I think this is too soon.
Me parece temerario.
This is not a day too soon.
Ya iba siendo hora.
We were told that it was too soon.
Se nos respondió que era demasiado pronto.
It is all too much, too soon.
Son demasiadas cosas de golpe.
You said it would be very soon.
Nos ha dicho que próximamente.
It has not come too soon.
No es demasiado pronto.
But we shall have a decision very soon.
Muy pronto tendremos una decisión.
We all hope that it ends very soon.
Todos esperamos que acabe muy pronto.
And we will remind you of that very soon.
Muy pronto tendremos que volver a recordarles este punto.
That being the case, all I can tell you is that it is too soon.
Por tanto, lo único que puedo decirles, en este caso, es que es demasiado pronto.
It must end as soon as possible.
Debe cesar de inmediato.
I will come to a close soon.
Terminaré muy pronto.
Would the Commission map this out for us soon?
¿Puede la Comisión examinar este asunto a la mayor brevedad posible?
Everyone knows that as soon as ?
Todos sabemos que tan pronto como?
We expect him sometime soon.
Creemos que ya no tardará en llegar.
I hope that it will be in place soon.
Espero que ese programa se ponga en marcha dentro de poco.
In my opinion, this decision is coming too soon.
En mi opinión, esta decisión llega demasiado pronto.
Do you intend to settle it soon?
¿Pretende resolverla pronto?
I hope we will look at that soon.
Espero que lo veamos pronto.
Those troops are required as soon as possible.
Esas tropas deben estar allí lo antes posible.
For them Cancún was a step too far, too soon.
Para ellos Cancún era un paso demasiado largo, y demasiado temprano.
However, we soon realised our mistake.
Sin embargo, pronto comprendimos que nos habíamos equivocado.
I hope that will happen soon.
Y espero que lo haga pronto.
It is essential that we have a commitment as soon as possible.
Es fundamental que lleguemos a un compromiso lo antes posible.
More steps must follow soon.
Pronto deberán tomarse medidas adicionales.
I hope we will meet again soon.
Espero que volvamos a reunirnos pronto.
We hope that will come soon.
Esperemos que llegue pronto.
I myself would not put any money on it any time soon.
Yo no apostaría por que ese acuerdo se alcance pronto.
As soon as you decide what to do with the Services Directive!
Tan pronto sus Señorías hayan decidido qué hacer con la Directiva de Servicios.
I am sad to have to make that point again so soon.
Lamento tener que volver a plantear tan pronto esta cuestión.
Then, as soon as he returned, he was arrested.
Y he aquí que, a su vuelta, ha sido detenido.
It is clear that this situation has to change soon.
Es evidente que esta situación tiene que cambiar pronto.
Therefore this should be eliminated as soon as possible.
Por lo tanto, ello debería eliminarse tan pronto como fuera posible.
I hope she will be back soon.
Espero que vuelva pronto.
All too soon I have been proved right.
No ha pasado mucho tiempo hasta que los hechos me han dado la razón.
Otherwise, we could soon be voted down in this House.
Si lo tuvieran, podrían votar enseguida contra nosotros en esta Cámara.
We nevertheless hope for a solution soon.
No obstante, esperamos una solución pronto.
We are demanding that they be simplified as soon as possible.
Exigimos que se simplifiquen ya.
It will soon be Christmas.
Pronto será Navidad.
Soon it will apply to wine.
Dentro de poco le tocará al vino.
This appeal comes not a minute too soon.
Dicha petición llega en el momento oportuno.
Mr Litvinenko was soon murdered.
Poco después, el señor Litvinenko fue asesinado.
You referred to a summit coming up soon.
Usted se ha referido a la próxima celebración de una cumbre.
We will adopt a decision soon.
Adoptaremos una decisión en breve.
But hopefully it will happen very soon.
No obstante, esperemos que tenga lugar muy pronto.
We must, in fact, do this as soon as possible.
En efecto, tenemos que conseguirlo lo antes posible.
Chee Soon Juan is not a criminal.
Chee Soon Juan no es un delincuente.
We hope it will do so soon.
Espero que lo haga pronto.
They sprout as soon as they have fallen from the tree.
Brotan en cuanto caen del árbol.
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