Spanish Word for raining  

English Word: raining

Spanish Word: lloviendo
The Spanish Word for raining
Now you know how to say raining in Spanish. :-)
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Translated sentences containing 'raining'
We would go out, but it is raining.
Saldríamos, pero está lloviendo.
The weather was bad and it was raining.
Hacía muy mal tiempo y llovía.
We were playing soccer when it started raining.
Jugábamos al fútbol cuando empezó a llover.
It hasn't stopped raining yet.
No ha dejado de llover todavía.
Sometimes we have to wait until it stops raining to leave school.
A veces tenemos que esperar hasta que deje de llover para salir de la escuela.
It hadn't stopped raining.
No había dejado de llover.
Was it raining?
¿Estaba lloviendo?
We had to wait until it stopped raining in order to leave.
Había dejado de llover.
It's raining
Sometimes we had to wait until it stopped raining in order to leave school.
A veces había que esperar hasta que dejara de llover para salir de la escuela.
Don’t forget the umbrella, it’s raining.
No te olvides el paraguas, está lloviendo.
Is it raining?
¿Está lloviendo?
Yes, it's raining very hard.
Si, está lloviendo muy fuerte.
Yes, it is still raining.
Sí, sigue lloviendo.
Is it weren't raining, we would go to the beach.
Si no estuviera lloviendo, iríamos a la playa.
It's raining.
Está lluvioso.
It is raining.
I was washing the car when it started raining.
Yo lavaba el carro cuando empezó a llover.
It stopped raining.
Cesó de llover.
It's raining. It's sunny.
Llueve. Hace sol / el sol brilla.

It would be absurd to deny that it is raining outside.
Sería absurdo negar que fuera está lloviendo.
I believe that the only phrase he knows in Italian is [it is raining – damned government].
Yo creo que la única frase que sabe en italiano es aquella de .
If it was raining at first, in terms of unemployment, it threatens to hail tomorrow.
Si antes llovía, en términos de desempleo, mañana puede que caiga una granizada.
It explains and gives legitimacy to Israel's response to the increasing number of missiles raining down on it from the Gaza Strip.
Eso explica y proporciona legitimidad a la respuesta de Israel al creciente número de misiles que le llueven desde la Franja de Gaza.
Mr President, all of Parliament's frustration is now raining down on the Spanish Presidency, which has only just taken up office.
Señor Presidente, toda la frustración del Parlamento está cayendo de lleno sobre la Presidencia española, que acaba de asumir sus funciones.
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