Spanish Word for peas  

English Word: peas

Spanish Word: los guisantes
The Spanish Word for peas
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Translated sentences containing 'peas'
There are carrots, onions, mushrooms, green peppers and peas.
Hay zanahorias, cebollas, hongos, pimientas verdes, y arvejas.
She puts the chick peas to soak in water.
Ella pone los garbanzos a remojo.

Cultivation of peas is now in decline, however.
Sin embargo, el cultivo de guisantes se está reduciendo.
He assured his grandmother that 'yes, I love green peas, but I don't eat them'.
He assured his grandmother that 'yes, I love green peas, but I don't eat them'.
Since I was a child there has been one vegetable that I hate: peas.
Desde niña hay una verdura que odio: los guisantes.
In Germany, we call this kind of nitpicking 'counting peas'.
En Alemania, a este tipo de actitud tan puntillosa la llamamos "contar guisantes".
In the Czech Republic, for example, it is peas, which have a long-established tradition.
Por ejemplo, en la República Checa son los guisantes, que ya tienen una antigua tradición.
In looking at the Baltic states, for example, I do not accept the argument that we are looking at three peas in a pod.
Al examinar los Estados bálticos, por ejemplo, no acepto el argumento de que sean idénticos como gotas de agua.
The second option we have examined is to increase the aid quotient for peas, beans and sweet lupins by EUR 6.
En segundo lugar hemos estudiado la posibilidad de aumentar la ayuda a los guisantes, habas y altramuces dulces en 6 euros.
This report tells us that the maximum quantity for guaranteed dried feedingstuffs is being increased and that the rate of yield for peas is being increased by EUR 6.
En este texto consta que se aumenta la cantidad máxima garantizada de piensos secos y se aumenta en 6 euros el tipo de rendimiento de los guisantes.
Rather than in the cultivation of regulation peas, the identity of Europe will express itself in foreign policy and the security and defence policy.
Y más que en el cultivo de guisantes reglamentados, la identidad Europa se concretará en la política exterior y en la de la seguridad y defensa.
While Diana Wallis was concerned about peas, you can imagine that, in Ireland, potatoes were certainly on our menu and on the agenda.
Mientras que a D.ª Diana Wallis le preocupan los guisantes, no es difícil imaginar que, en Irlanda, las patatas estaban en la agenda y sobre la mesa.
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