Spanish Word for fireplace  

English Word: fireplace

Spanish Word: la chimenea
The Spanish Word for fireplace
Now you know how to say fireplace in Spanish. :-)
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Translated sentences containing 'fireplace'
He is sitting in front of the fireplace.
Está sentado delante de la chimenea.

At half past three in the morning between their calvados and the fireplace they exchange fish quotas for basic rights, agreement on enlargement for farm subsidies.
Por la noche, hacia eso de las tres y media cambian entre calvados y ante la chimenea cuotas de pesca por derechos fundamentales o su voto afirmativo a la ampliación por subvenciones agrícolas.
Secondly, it is well known that some countries try to warm their hands above the embers of each fireplace of international instability.
En segundo lugar, todo el mundo sabe que algunos países siempre tratan de sacar partido de la inestabilidad internacional.
More information about the substance of policies used to penetrate through to the outside world and people would haggle about money at midday around the fireplace.
Salían más al exterior los contenidos y sobre el dinero se regateaba a las 12 alrededor de la chimenea.
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