Spanish Word for envious  

English Word: envious

Spanish Word: envidioso
The Spanish Word for envious
Now you know how to say envious in Spanish. :-)
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Translated sentences containing 'envious'
It doesn't make me envious.
No me da envidia.

I have to say that, as a Swede, I am rather envious.
He de decir que, como sueco, siento envidia.
Many countries would be envious of these statistics.
Muchos países envidiarían estas estadísticas.
Of envious Neptune, is now bound in with shame,
del húmedo Neptuno, está ahora encadenada al oprobio
Many of the local Han Chinese are also envious of them.
Resulta obvio que muchos de los chinos han locales les envidian.
Mr President, many of us were very envious of your skill in extricating yourself from the Chair at lunchtime yesterday.
(EN) Señor Presidente, muchos envidiamos su habilidad para escabullirse y abandonar la Presidencia de la sesión ayer al mediodía.
We often find them self-satisfied and overly correct, but as a rule we are, of course, just envious.
A menudo nos parecen algo finolis y un poco autosuficientes, pero generalmente sólo es envidia.
Despite assurances from the Commission and the Council, Cohesion Policy is at risk because the size of its budget is making some people envious.
A pesar de las garantías de la Comisión y del Consejo, la política de cohesión está en peligro ya que el tamaño de su presupuesto hace que alguna gente sea envidiosa.
I offer these congratulations without any reservations, but at the same time I must admit that I am somewhat envious of Mr De Clercq.
Yo le felicito sin reservas, si bien debo reconocer que siento un poco de envidia hacia el señor De Clercq.
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