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English Word: girlfriend

Spanish Word: novia
The Spanish Word for girlfriend
Now you know how to say girlfriend in Spanish. :-)

Translated sentences containing 'girlfriend'
This is his girlfriend.
Esta es su novia.
My girlfriend bought me a watch.
Mi novia me compró un reloj.
My girlfriend gave me a book.
Mi novia me regaló un libro.
My girlfriend is very jealous.
Mi novia es muy celosa.
It will please your girlfriend that you give her flowers
A tu novia le agradará que le des flores
His girlfriend was cheating on him. .
Su novia le era infiel.
My girlfriend says that I'm not loving.
Mi novia dice que no soy cariñoso.
Federico's girlfriend, who is very beautiful, wants to talk to us.
La novia de Federico, quien es muy bonita, quiere hablar con nosotros.
He learned Spanish because of his Spanish girlfriend.
Aprendió el español a través de su novia que era española.
Did you used to wait for your girlfriend every day?
¿Tú esperabas a tu novia todos los días?
My brother Felipe doesn't have a girlfriend yet.
Mi hermano Felipe no tiene novia todavía.
On Saturdays I go dancing with my girlfriend.
Los sábados voy a bailar con mi novia.
I have to stop by for my girlfriend at eight.
Tengo que pasar por mi novia a las ocho.
My girlfriend wants me to pick up the luggage.
Mi novia desea que recoja las maletas.
Alexander was apologizing to his girlfriend.
Alejandro se disculpaba con su novia.
My girlfriend is brunette.
Mi novia es morena.
Are you still single or did you finally marry your longtime girlfriend?
¿Sigues soltero o finalmente te casaste con tu novia de toda la vida?
He has adored his girlfriend since the first time he saw her.
Él ha adorado a su novia desde el primer día que la vio.
What did you think of his new girlfriend?
¿Qué pensaste de su nueva novia?
María has talked to her girlfriend on the phone.
María ha hablado con su amiga por teléfono.

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