Santiago vs. BA  

Title: Santiago vs. BA
Location: Santiago, Chile

Well, here I am! Santiago. Hmmm. Well, after Buenos Aires, It's got a lot to live up to. I actually feel homesick for Buenos Aires, something I've never felt about anywhere before really. And so far, I'm not sure this place has what it takes. It seems much more low key, and, well, boring. And whereas Buenos Aires sometimes had a strange Englishness in a way that reminded me of London, from the architecture down to the British style red cast iron phone and post boxes, Santiago has a strange Englishness that reminds me of Birmingham. Lots of big gray 60s tower blocks in other words. I'm living in quite an up market modern area, but it lacks any style or soul. The family I'm staying with are nice, so that's good. And the Spanish Immersion school seems slightly better organized than in Buenos Aires. Oh, and I've got afternoon Spanish classes again, and have managed to find myself in a group of 1. Me. So that should be good for the Spanish, even if it is a lot more difficult when the entire focus is on you!!! Even the people at the school seem quiet. I can't imagine them going out partying in big groups till who knows when. Especially not on a Monday or Tuesday!! Oh, and on first inspection the women are not nearly as attractive here. Grrrrr. But, let's give it some time...

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