Spanish Verb Conjugation - calmar  

Spanish Verb Conjugation
Spanish Verb: calmar     
English Translation:
to calm (down), quiet, soothe

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Notes: Regular. Note: Calmar is normally used as a transtive verb,to calm [something] down. Use the reflexive formcalmarse for to calm [oneself]down.


  inglés yo él/ella/usted nosotros/-as vosotros/-as ellos/ellas/ustedes
Present I calm, am calming calmo calmas calma calmamos calmáis calman
Present Perfect I have calmed he calmado has calmado ha calmado hemos calmado habéis calmado han calmado
Imperfect I was calming, used to calm, calmed calmaba calmabas calmaba calmábamos calmabais calmaban
Preterite I calmed calmé calmaste calmó calmamos calmasteis calmaron
Past Perfect - Pluperfect I had calmed había calmado habías calmado había calmado habíamos calmado habíais calmado habían calmado
Future I will calm calmaré calmarás calmará calmaremos calmaréis calmarán
Future Perfect I will have calmed habré calmado habrás calmado habrá calmado habremos calmado habréis calmado habrán calmado
Conditional I would calm calmaría calmarías calmaría calmaríamos calmaríais calmarían
Conditional Perfect I would have calmed habría calmado habrías calmado habría calmado habríamos calmado habríais calmado habrían calmado
Preterite Perfect I had calmed hube calmado hubiste calmado hubo calmado hubimos calmado hubisteis calmado hubieron calmado


  inglés yo él/ella/usted nosotros/-as vosotros/-as ellos/ellas/ustedes
Present I calm, am calming calme calmes calme calmemos calméis calmen
Present Perfect I have calmed, calmed haya calmado hayas calmado haya calmado hayamos calmado hayáis calmado hayan calmado
Imperfect I calmed, was calming calmara
Past Perfect - Pluperfect I had calmed hubiera calmado
hubiese calmado
hubieras calmado
hubieses calmado
hubiera calmado
hubiese calmado
hubiéramos calmado
hubiésemos calmado
hubierais calmado
hubieseis calmado
hubieran calmado
hubiesen calmado.
Future I will calm calmare calmares calmare calmáremos calmareis calmaren
Future Perfect I will have calmed hubiere calmado hubieres calmado hubiere calmado hubiéremos calmado hubiereis calmado hubieren calmado


  inglés yo él/ella/usted nosotros/-as vosotros/-as ellos/ellas/ustedes
Affirmative Imperative Calm!   calma calme calmemos calmad calmen
Negative Commands Don't calm!   no calmes no calme no calmemos no calméis no calmen

Other Forms

Present Participle calming calmando
Past Participle calm calmado
This verb table is based upon the work of Professor Fred Jehle of Indiana-Purdue University. The verb tables can be found at

Translated sentences containing 'calmar'

Salí a caminar para calmarme.
I went for a walk to calm myself down.
La enfermera no logró calmar al paciente.
The nurse was not able to calm down the patient.
La medicina que le dió el doctor lo calmará.
The medicine that the doctor gave you will calm you down.
Cuando Pedro se molesta, sale a caminar para calmarse.
When Pedro gets upstet, he goes for a walk to calm down.
Necesitas calmarte.
You need to calm down.
Calma a los padres, por favor.
Calm down the parents, please.
Calmemos a los niños para que se duerman.
Let’s calm down the children so they go to sleep.
Deja de dar gritos y cálmate un poco.
Stop shouting and calm down a little.
¿Qué le pones para calmar lo que tiene irritado?
What can you put on him to make him less irritated?
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