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Spanish Word: visitación

English Translation: inspection

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  con tiempo - early (adv)
  creer en - believe
  de ellas - their
  dialecto - dialect
  acobardado - nerveless
  inmarcesible - unfading
  comunista - communist, communistic
  cigüeña - crank, stork
  patada - kick (n)
  niño - baby, boy, kid, infant
  debidamente - duly, rightly
  tobogán - toboggan
  zapatazo - coup de pied
  echadizo - incapable, unable
  entremedias - in the meantime, meantime, meanwhile
  baya - berry
  pestillo - latch
  timidez - diffidence, shyness, timidity
  molécula - molecule
  desesperado - desperate, desponded, despairs,...

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