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Spanish Word: timidez

English Translation: diffidence, shyness, timidity

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  molécula - molecule
  desesperado - desperate, desponded, despairs,...
  escéptico - sceptical, skeptic, skeptical
  tienta - smartness
  cerilla - vesta
  arrendamiento - lease, leasing
  tambaleo - stagger, wobble
  regusto - aftertaste
  deporte - sport
  empalagoso - cloying
  destemplanza - indisposition, malaise
  fumigador - fumigator
  bígamo - bigamist, bigamous
  bastantes - many
  soviético - soviet
  tragicomedia - tragicomedy
  tasacion - appraisal, appraisement, assessment
  aliciente - bait, lure
  amante - lover, affectionate, amateur, lover of
  congelación - congealment, frostbite

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