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Spanish Word: troupe

English Translation: French, company of players

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  trucha - trout
  trueno - thunder
  tu - poss. adj., your
  - pers. pron., you
  tuerto,tuerta - one-eyed, squinting
  tumba - gravestone
  tunante - vagabond, rascal
  turco,turca - Turkish, Turk
  turno - turn, series
  tuvo - past abs. of [tener]
  tuyo,tuya - yours
  ufano,ufana - proud
  último,última - last; [por ----], at last, finally
  umbral - sill, doorstep
  un,una - a, an, one
  ungüento - ointment, salve
  único,única - only
  unido,unida - united; [los Estados Unidos], the...
  universidad - university
  uno,una - one; =--s=, soa pair; as indef....

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