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Spanish Word: tordo

English Translation: thrush

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  toro - bull; [corrida de ----s], bullfight
  tórrido,tórrida - torrid, hot
  torta - cake
  tortilla - pancake with eggs; omelet
  total - total
  trabajo - work
  traducción - translation
  traducir - (pres. [traduzco], past abs
  traduzca - pres. subj. of [traducir]
  tráfico - traffic
  traiga - pres. subj. of [traer]
  traje - dress, suit
  trajeron - past abs. of [traer]
  trajo - past abs. of [traer]
  tramo - flight (of stairs)
  tranquilo,tranquila - tranquil, calm, quiet
  tras - behind
  trasunto - copy, likeness
  tratamiento - treatment
  trato - treatment

Popular Phrase: learn spanish language online | Conjugated Verb: celebrar - to celebrate; to praise, applaud [ click for full conjugation ]